Are You a “Two Pump Chump” When It Comes to Your Email Game?

Alright, so here’s the thing about emails. We all use them. We all get them. And we all delete them. Yeah, I know what you’re doing. I see you hitting that “delete” button. But what if you’re on the sending end of that email? What if you’re the one being deleted?

Let’s break it down, Gary Vee style.

Emails Without a Strong Call to Action? That’s a Missed Opportunity

What’s an email without a call to action? It’s like a movie without an ending, a burger without cheese, or a game without a winning goal. It leaves you hanging, wanting more, and with a big old question mark over your head.

You’ve worked hard to build that email list and have a captive audience. But if your emails lack a solid call to action, you might as well send them blank paper.

“What do you want me to do with this?” they’ll ask.

“I don’t know,” you’ll respond.

And there’s your missed opportunity.

Convert Those Email List Subscribers – Here’s How

Enough with the problems. Let’s get into the solutions. If you’re emailing your subscribers without a clear and enticing call to action, you leave money, connections, and opportunities on the table. Here’s how to snatch them up.

1. Get Real About What You Want

Seriously, what do you want from your subscribers? Do you want them to buy something? Share something? Sign up for something? Get clear on your goal before you even start typing.

2. Make It Obvious

Don’t make your readers play detective to determine what you want from them. Put your call to action front and center, make it big and bold, and make it a clickable link for Pete’s sake!

3. Keep It Simple, Silly (KISS)

Remember KISS? No, not the band. The principle – Keep It Simple, Silly. Don’t overcomplicate things. One call to action is enough. Multiple calls to action? That’s like giving someone directions to five different places at once. Chaos!

4. Give Them a Reason to Click

People love free stuff. They love deals. They love feeling special. Give them a reason to click on that call to action. Make it irresistible. Make it exclusive. Make it theirs.

5. Don’t Be Boring

Look, I get it. You want to sound professional. But being professional doesn’t have to mean being boring. Spice it up. Make it fun. Make it YOU.

The Real Deal: Why This Matters

Your email list isn’t just a bunch of names and addresses. It’s a community. It’s a relationship. And like any relationship, it needs attention and care.

Sending an email without a strong call to action is like giving a high five without a hand. It’s missing something vital.

So, the next time you draft an email to your list, ask yourself, “What’s my call to action?” Make it clear, make it strong, and make it impossible to resist.

Conclusion: Get Out There and Do It!

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I will guide you in the right direction. If you’re not converting those email list subscribers with strong calls to action, you’re missing out. It’s as simple as that.

So go out there and do it. Write those emails. Make those connections. Create those opportunities. And, of course, always be you.

No more missed opportunities, right? Let’s make it happen. Together.

I hope this blog post hit the nail on the head for you. If you have thoughts or questions, you know what to do. (Hint: it’s called a call to action!)

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