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Planning, risk and strategy deadline time in business

The Importance of Finite Deadlines in Project Management

Website Design Matters: How Looking Cheap Can Cost You

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Losing My Domain – A Story of Neglect

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Building My Virtual LEGO Town: A 10-Year-Old’s Adventure in Website Management!

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Let’s Get Real: The Lifeline of a Website When Social Media Dumps You 

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If You Don’t Have a Website, YouTube, and Podcast, You’re Just Plain Screwed!

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How to Navigate the Crazy Maze of Domestic vs Foreign Freelancers, Teams, and Agencies

The Sweet Symphony of SEO: Unsung Hero or the Villain? 

Disco ball fuse bomb concept. Time for party.

Truth Bombs About Your Website: The Good, the Bad and the Fuckin’ Ugly

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Why You Should Flip the Bird to Fancy Websites and Focus on What Your Customers Actually Want!