Why Buy The Cow...?

When you can get a fractional design team without the headache.

Got big dreams for your brand but dealing with wallet woes? Let’s lay it out plain and simple – let’s have a chat about making your budget work harder than a kid at church on a sugar rush. Ever thought about dipping your toes into the fractional design pool? Yup, you heard it here. Not a whole crew, just a slice of genius that’s bound to put some of that “Alex sparkle” on your project.

Why Go Fractional? 

Now, you might be wondering what this fractional thing is all about. So, let’s get down to brass tacks:

  1. Money Talks, Savings Walk:

    • Complete Team: You get an entire team of designers, artists, and developers working around the clock. But guess what? That team comes with full-time salaries, benefits, and office space expenses (not to mention possible HR violations and pooing on company time, or sometimes both simultaneously!).
    • Fractional Team (Design on Demand): Imagine having a top-notch team of experts whenever you need them, without paying them all year round. It’s like having your cake and eating it without any crumbs on your face!
  2. Quality Without the Hefty Price Tag:

    • Complete Team: Sure, they’re great. But are they always busy? Probably not. And that’s your hard-earned cash they’re chilling on.
    • Fractional Team: You only pay for what you need and get world-class talent always ready to rock ‘n’ roll. No loafing around on your dime!
  3. Flexibility and Pizzazz:

    • Complete Team: More members, more rigid processes, and less room for wild creativity.
    • Fractional Team: These are creative cats. Need a quirky landing page on Monday and a sleek corporate design by Friday? No problem, they’ve got you covered!

Design on Demand – The Future is Now 

“Design on Demand” isn’t just a flashy phrase. It’s a revolution, and it’s shaking up the whole damn industry. Think Netflix, but for designs. You click, and boom, it’s there!

And unlike that gym membership, you never use (no judgment), with design on demand, you’ll get value for every penny.

Fractional is Functional 

A fractional design team is like a Swiss army knife in the hands of MacGyver. Need a logo? Done. Want a website? Consider it built. An animated video? You got it.

And the best part? You don’t have to pay the utility bill for MacGyver’s secret lair. You get the genius without the overhead!

Our Promise 

We’re not just any web design agency. We’ve mastered the art of fractional design and are here to pass the savings and creativity onto you.

So, we’ve got your back whether you’re a small business looking to bloom or a giant, eager to innovate. It’s time to leave behind the old-school idea of a complete team and embrace the new, sleek, and cheeky world of fractional design.

We promise:

  • A zesty team, always ripe with ideas (unlike the bananas you leave on your counter that have since become a new species).
  • Design on demand, hot and ready when you need it.
  • No corporate jargon. We keep it genuine (no cap!).

Join the Revolution

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Go fractional, and never look back. Remember, we’re not just offering design but a lifestyle change. Like trading in bland salads for tacos! Who wouldn’t want that? 


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