Website Design Matters: How Looking Cheap Can Cost You

AVAST!!! If you have two to three minutes, I’ll explain how having a poorly designed website can seriously harm your business and what steps you can take to avoid this mistake. If you’ve spent ANY time on the internet, you have certainly come across very dated websites. You know the ones: confusing navigation, loud colors, and […]

Let’s Get Real: The Lifeline of a Website When Social Media Dumps You 

Closeup shot of a toilet paper hanger with the empty roll and written word Sorry

Look, folks, here’s the goddamn truth. In the wild, wild west of online marketing, having a personal website is like owning your own plot of land. No one can kick you out, or worse, slap you with a ban for simply taking the wrong step. But hey, we’re not saying you’re a rule-breaker, are we? […]

You Always Wanted to Have Superpowers. Here’s Your Chance.

The little boy dreaming about hero figure

Ladies, gents, and esteemed internet loiterers, welcome to today’s dissertation on why your business needs a damn website. That’s right, if you thought Instagram was your golden ticket to business success, hold onto your double taps while we take a deep dive into the powerhouse that a great website can be. Now, we’re not throwing […]

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Colored banana.

Look, I get it. You adore your logo. It’s got colors that Picasso would have lost his sh*t over. The design is slicker than a greased up weasel. But, folks, let me drop a truth bomb that may cause some sleepless nights: a bigger logo on your website isn’t going to make you the Amazon […]