The Importance of Finite Deadlines in Project Management

Planning, risk and strategy deadline time in business

Project Management Problems… Are you familiar with the frustration of projects that seem to drag on FOORRR-EEVVV-ER? You know, when clients keep requesting changes and then your team loses focus? Does that deadline keep slipping away? Suddenly, what was supposed to be a two-week project turns into a never-ending endeavor lasting months or more. Not […]

Are You a “Two Pump Chump” When It Comes to Your Email Game?

Attractive female cheering up her anxious man in bed. Bearded Caucasian male feeling frustrated becu

Alright, so here’s the thing about emails. We all use them. We all get them. And we all delete them. Yeah, I know what you’re doing. I see you hitting that “delete” button. But what if you’re on the sending end of that email? What if you’re the one being deleted? Let’s break it down, […]