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These are just a few tailored examples to your particular objectives / problems that will show you just some of the expertise we can offer to help you with your new website. 

A Simplified User Experience

After reviewing your email and thoroughly examining your current website, we have noticed that your users are providing feedback that suggests it’s unclear what you offer, what services you provide, the extent of your expertise, and the quality of your work. This is a problem because it can deter potential users and cause them to look elsewhere.


Case Study: The Wounded Blue

A charity organization that helps those harmed in the blue uniform

The Problem

  • A Confusing donation system, complicated to navigate and make donations. 
  • No clear outline of the services they provide their members
  • Complicated navigation system for users to find their way to different sections of the site

The Solution

  • Created a clear and more straightforward way to donate, giving users easy options to donate different amounts, recurring amounts, and contact the charity for custom donations. 
  • A clear outline on the homepage of their services and a dedicated service area detailing their services simply and concisely.
  • Created a clean look and feel to the site with a clean navigation for users to use to navigate the website. 

Visually Pleasing, Categorized Portfolio

It’s clear to see that not only are you passionate about what your company does, but you are experts in your field. We want to make this a focal point of the site. Currently, your customers are struggling to know exactly what you are experts in; they come to you and are surprised to find out what you can achieve. 


Case Study: Stone House Ranch

The Problem

  • A website that just showed them as just another “wedding venue” 
  • Not highlighting the special features of their venue or the services they provide.
  • Visuals lacking in showing their strengths.

The Solution

  • On the homepage, we made it super straightforward for users to see what made them stand out from all the other venues in the area. 
  • A dedicated explore area to create a portfolio of different areas of the site. 
  • A filtering system to easily navigate through the expertise and services of the venue. 

Clean & User-Friendly Content Management System

As a website owner, you may find managing, maintaining, and updating your site challenging. That’s why we’ve simplified our site-building process, making it easy for you to keep your website up-to-date and modern. Uploading new projects and case studies can be frustrating when complicated website systems hinder easy updates.


Case Study: Every Client Website

The Problem

  • Most of our clients come to us feeling frustrated with their current setup. 
  • The website becomes stale and doesn’t reflect the excellent company and people behind it!
  • Sales and conversions are negatively impacted.

The Solution

  • We don’t make things complicated, we created a clean front with an equally clean and easy-to-use backend. 
  • Case Studies and Projects are formatted, so uploading new images/copywriting and taxonomies is easy for anyone.
  • We provide Video Tutorials and instructions to keep it easy for our customers. 

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